Thursday, April 30, 2009

Never say, "Never"!

Meet the newest member of the Gibbs Family: Yoohoo

This picture is from one of his last days as an outside kitty. He has been clipped and snipped and now resides indoors.

Yoohoo has been very well behaved--he's a real sweeheart.

Anna Jane has not contributed too much in the way of litter box duty, but she does sound the alert when any activity occurs in the box. Hopefully, Yoohoo will be toilet trained after he has healed completely from his surgeries. Otis and I have seen some YouTube videos and read some articles and it really isn't as far-fetched as you would think!
I don't know which option is more disgusting: the litter box or having a cat use the same toilet as I do!
Keep checking back for Yoohoo's progress...

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