Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Weekend Get-Away!

The most thoughtful gift...ever. Our friends, Mary Hunter and Amanda, gave Otis a weekend of childcare but they gave Anna Jane lots of memories to treasure!

When Otis's birthday, March 18, was approaching, the girls didn't know what to get him. They came up with idea of allowing the two of us to scamper off on a weekend away while they babysat Anna Jane. Mary Hunter picked up Anna Jane at school on Friday afternoon. Otis and I had delivered Anna Jane safely to school that morning and then we headed for the hills! I rented a cute little cabin, just 10 minutes from downtown Asheville.It could definitely accommodate 6. Great movie collection, comfortable furniture, good linens, fully equipped kitchen (I cooked every night, but we did splurge on brunch downtown on Sunday), a fabulous shower room and a perfect hot tub. We soaked, gazed at stars and planned for the future. Sorry, no pictures from that!

Alexander's Cabin was our "home away from home" for the weekend. It was secluded enough to feel private, but very convenient to shopping, restaurants, etc. This is a pet-friendly rental. Carly enjoyed the entire experience! A pot of happy, yellow tulips greeted us when we arrived. A personalized dog biscuit was a nice treat for Carly Jean! They also had a collection of leashes, doggie waste bags, towels and bedding material.
We were able to just chill. We knew that Anna Jane was having lots of adventures and much pampering! The weekend was fun-filled for that little girl, for sure! Amanda and Mary Hunter took Anna Jane out to dinner on Friday night to a kid's favorite: Pizza Inn! During the weekend, they shopped, they enjoyed "Farm Life", they crashed Hunter and Janie's house for dinner! Most importantly, Anna Jane got to spend some time away from The Parental Units.
 and relax, we did. Otis still needs a little more practice at the "chillin'" lifestyle! Note his tightly tied shoes compared to my relaxed, sockey feet!
I'll drink to that!

Special thanks to our friends. They probably have no idea how much Otis appreciated their gift (he has YET to write his thank-you note! GRRR). It's very meaningful to us, as parents, when others take an interest in our child and enjoy her company. Time invested in a kid is probably the greatest gift that one could give. Although this weekend scheme was a gift TO Otis, the person who benefited the most was surely Anna Jane.

Thank you again, girls. Hope you read this. Hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated.