Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

So excited! "Hello, Kitty!" is ready to go!
Anna Jane picked out an apple dress and accessories for her first day!
Anna Jane started kindergarten on Augut 6, 2010. Her new school is on an "enhanced calendar". She will go to school for 9 weeks and then have either 2 or 3 weeks off. There is sometimes an optional intercession for one of the weeks during the break. This intercession may be used for remediation or enhancement. During intercession, all of the teachers (including art, music, PE, computer, etc.) work together to make fun, interesting, relevant interdisciplinary units. The daily schedule is pretty good. Morning check-in is from 8:30am to 8:50am and afternoon pick-up starts at 3:45pm.
Her teacher is a sweet, young thing named Brittany Bennett. She's from Kinston and just about as country as collards...but in a monagram and pearls kind of way! When I say "country"--please don't ever take that as an insult from me. To me, "country" means that you know the value of canning your own tomatoes, knowing that Mama's way is the right way and that ladies don't eat or drink while walking down the sidewalk in town! and for the record, Mrs. Bennett DID have okra and tomatoes for lunch that first day! I know, because it made such an impression on Anna Jane! Can't get more country than that without eating some secondary part of a pig.

But enough about the details...shall we discuss how much I cried that day???? shall we discuss the bottle of wine that was gone by noon???? and that I had a wallow-in-the-growing-up-of-our-girls friend who hung out with me on the back porch that day???and that I'm so thankful to have her as a friend???shall we mention the fact that I was 30 minutes early for pick-up because I couldn't stand it????
I miss her...my buddy, my shadow, my twin...I find myself passing by her room and going in to straighten up and then for some reason, smelling her pillow...I long for PJ Thursdays...and ChicFilA playdates on rainy days (that place is the best due to the soundproof glass that separates the eating area from the playland!!)...I keep waiting for someone to call out my name... 
I wish I could have her with me all day...but that would be unnatural. I need to let her blossom. I need to let her grow up. I need to let go a little.

My life has changed---again.
And that girl is to blame---again.
Can you see my weepy eyes???
so sweet! See the "Mom" picture?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well...do you care???


I was just wondering if anyone cares about this blog. I'm thinking about starting it back up, but --well--I guess I should do it for myselft--but I do care if anyone reads it and will commet. I guess I just need affirmation...motivation??? interaction? validation?

I know, I'm needy...

What's your vote??