Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime Bliss

Our Little Mermaid

Anna Jane and her best friend, true love and pool comrade, JD, have settled into a nice little summer routine. After lunch, every day, we've been heading to the pool with our arsenal of diving sticks, dive rings, mermaid toys, torpedos, noodles and matching inflatable tubes--JD has a blue one and of course, he had to get Anna Jane a pink one! The kiddos dive and swim and flop around until they periodically attack the mommies as they "check in" with us. We enjoy keeping a little distance---very little---and just float around on our noodles solving all of the problems of the world. Of course, after about an hour--my arms get numb and I start to sunburn.----because, of course, I've slathered the princess with SPF 500 and only dabbed on a bit of 30 to my nose! ---and Tom: no comments about built-in flotation devices, please!)

Each hour the lifeguard calls a break. At that point, the munchkins quickly exit the pool for "Picnic Snack Time". They sit together on their towels, crack open their respective coolers and share their snacks. During this time, the mommies sometimes venture into the deep water and get our private time (while still keeping 1/2 an eye on the kids!)

The two kids play so nicely together. They've known each other for about 3 years, I guess. They first met at a Mother's Morning Out program when Anna Jane was about 1 1/2. JD and his parents live in our neighborhood. His mom and I became fast friends when we figured out that we would be each other's best sounding board, sanity gauge and co-conspirator! We have a lot in common--but are also very different. I think that's been neat. They currently have their house on the market but if my voodoo curse does the trick--they ain't going anywhere real soon!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the summetime...
still to come:
the visit from Jemel and B

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She said what???

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Recent unbelievable things said by one smart (smarty-pants) little girl:

  • After finishing her prayers, she added: "God, please bless all my friends and the ones I love, Gramma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins--everyone except Drew and Hannah Montana, they're on their own."
  • To her father, "Stop treating me like a child!"
  • "Indians don't wear shirts!"
  • "...and don't send that to your friends!"

I think she's on to me!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

stay tuned, please!

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oh yes, I am a slacker. I promise to update this with new posts and pics! Promise, promise, promise!

In the meantime, here is a funny quote:
At her last doctor's appointment, Anna Jane asked Dr. Debbie to "check her for fleas!"