Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Project

I am going to be participating in the 365 Project. I've committed to posting one picture a day for the next year. Check out the site by clicking here or at other times, you can access the project from the link on the right. I figured that I could kill two birds with one stone by posting the project pictures and then blogging about any events/pictures that didn't quite make the cut for that day--not that I'm going to be blogging every day--come on now, don't be crazy!
My button, "Comment make me happy" is really true. Those who know me, understand that I need to be stroked, encouraged and validated. High maintenance indeed!
Look what I found today.
Guess my hopes for another snow day have been dashed!
I knew this would happen if I bought snow pants!
(and I look really cute in them!)

Does this constitute animal cruelty?
He is so handsome.
He was trying on my shoes this morning...
and I'm talking about Yoohoo.

I know you can't read this, but it is measuring 78 degrees!
Love it.


Gina said...

great seeing you today! glad you're participating in the 365 project. great pics!

Jay said...

I DO care.....I just didn't know you had started back up! LOVE seeing the Cincy references in the blog and pictures. Here's my questions does posting 3 pictures on one day count for 3 days or does one have to actually POST 1 picture a day? What a task? I'll look forward to viewing and commenting! LOVE YOU!!! MISS YOU!

Nanners said...

365 Project only allows you to post ONE pic per could cheat a little and just date them however you need to : )

Tom said...

Hey...I know that wig. I think I may have worn it once?

Three in the Nest said...

love this idea! Was hoping this blog was going to be up and going! Your comments always make me giggle, so I was waiting for your blog to be updated with your great wit and style! This is a great idea!

p.s. they aren't that big and she should be able to control them. also, I don't like her beak. Also, pronounce the pasta shapes like you live in America. Ina tops her for sure...and she keeps her girls in line.

Jemel said...

UMMMM excuse me...I'm checking in...where's the new pic?