Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Otis

Since the day we brought her home from the hospital, Anna Jane has always reminded me of Otis. As an infant, she would furrow her brow and look exactly like her dad. She is very thoughtful and can be introspective, just like him, at times. She has his looks but definitely, I'm afraid, she has inherited her mother's personality! She is a jokester and always quick to crack a joke or play a trick on someone. She's a talker, a lover and very kind hearted. I'd like to say that she is just like me. Now, where- oh, where- did she get the drama gene from??? She has learned to turn on the tears or to play a character (like an evil stepmother) to the hilt!

It took me 40 years to develop this personality and she has mastered hers in 4!

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Mike said...

What a great picture, Nancy! I love it! Great post!