Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Snow!

OK, so it's not officially my birthday anymore (it was yesterday), but I do celebrate my birthday month. We awoke to a good couple of inches and it continued to snow until about 3pm. Anna Jane and I headed out after the Inauguration of Obama/Biden. We needed to watch this historical moment. After several hours of tormenting her by making her watch the snowy day from the window--we finally ventured out. We met Lisa and Tyler and Anne and JD. The kids had the most fun on Lisa's inflatable tube. This snow was dry and not suited for the old fashioned sleds with the metal runners.

We came back to the culdesac and continued playing for a bit with Isaac, across the street. Lisa whipped up some scrumptious hot chocolate and I tried to make maple syrup snow candy--it did not work and the kids ended up eating the maple syrup flavored snow! I don't think they minded at all.

I know several kids, big and small, who will sleep well tonight!


Jemel said...

I can't believe you all have had more snow than us Cincinnatians! Looks like you had fun! We're just walking around in the wind whipping fridged temperatures. Side note: I'm sure you'll be impressed to know that it hasn't stopped my walking this week! :) Glad mother nature granted your yearly birthday wish and glad to see O is back at it today (that was him in the pic...right?)

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Nancy! I'm glad you and Anna Jane had fun in the snow! Sophie and I made a little snowperson and she made two Snow Angels. Take care!