Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She said what???

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Recent unbelievable things said by one smart (smarty-pants) little girl:

  • After finishing her prayers, she added: "God, please bless all my friends and the ones I love, Gramma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins--everyone except Drew and Hannah Montana, they're on their own."
  • To her father, "Stop treating me like a child!"
  • "Indians don't wear shirts!"
  • "...and don't send that to your friends!"

I think she's on to me!


Tom said...

One day she will learn that you don't have any friends.

And what sort of Indians was talking about...Teepee or 7-11?

(I have friends in both groups. They say the same thing.)

atomic momma said...

This is a lame-ass post that one does so as to not lose her fans.

I want meat, Nancy. And While you are at it tell Momma On the Move to get at it too.

Tom said...

See see...they are all going to come over to the dark side...

atomic momma said...

I don't know, Tom. Nancy does have the one-up on you 4 days a week from about 2pm to about 5is. She's my pool buddy partner in crime so I'm not about to mess that up.

Tom said...

She has nothing on me.

(Of course, you haven't updated since April 4th.)

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Jackson said...

You could fund her college education just by filling a book with the things that smart daughter of yours says!!
She is wise beyond her years where it comes to Drew & Hannah Montana!!

Give her a hug from Mrs. Jackson!!