Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School Pool Party

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Anna Jane hosted her first Back to School Pool Party. She asked all of her guests to bring a donation of school supplies to be donated to her school. The kids had a great time and we collected a BOX FULL of stuff!

It was so hot--do note how the frosting melted and dripped. None of the kids seemed to care. Goodies were gobbled up! We grilled hot dogs and had all the fixin's!

Hope we can make this a yearly tradition. Anna Jane really understood that some kids just don't get all of the supplies that they need for school without help.
Our favorite lifeguards!

Brownie Cake

Note to self: cream cheese frosting does not hold up to August heat!

Anna Jane presenting the donations to her teacher to be used for her school


Our Family said...

that is a great idea!!! Might have to steal it next year, unless I keep her home forever and never let her start kindergarten...of course, we could still collect supplies this way for those who do get to go :)

Gina said...

that cake is adorable, even if the frosting melted! i may have to steal that cake idea! glad y'all got lots of supplies.