Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ever heard of "Pulling Money"?

 Anna Jane has lost another tooth! After the two bottoms were lost a year ago--she has finally lost a front tooth...and with a little help, too! During one of our Friday night gatherings, Mary Hunter took one gander at that dangling digit and made it her mission to prevent Anna Jane from choking on that tooth in her sleep. I've heard a lot about that in the news lately, haven't you? Children dying in their sleep having choked on a tooth that somehow comes out during their slumber? Hmmm...me neither...Before I knew it, there was a conversation about "Pulling Money". Yup, Anna Jane realized the potential for making some cash and agreed to let Mary Hunter take a closer look. I was totally queasy about the whole business...exposed roots, twisting, blood, gaping holes....argh! Wigged me out, totally! Anna Jane laid down with her head in Mary Hunter's lap while MH "inspected" the targeted tooth. With Kleenex in hand, MH gripped the tooth and distracted Anna Jane by telling her to look at something on the TV. Anna Jane turned her head, the Kleenex and tooth stayed in their coordinate plane and VIOLA! No more perfect smile...I am now the Mom to a Snaggler! Just in time for our beach portraits...oh well. We can immortalize the child of six with a gapped up smile.

She's cute, huh?

Anna Jane earned $1 as "Pulling Money"
During this visit, the Tooth Fairy brought 2 GOLD DOLLAR COINS! Wow! Anna Jane is saving every penny for her Disney visit later this month.
and yes...I've spied her checking her mouth for loose teeth!

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Kristen said...

so stinkin' cute! and Disney! Can't wait for us to go...and to see your pictures!