Sunday, March 1, 2009

Like Money in the Bank

I have been wanting to make homemade chicken stock for so long. Every time Martha or Ina gives recipe directions and says to "add stock, preferably homemade--of course !", I've wanted to see if there really was a difference. Of course...there is. It was a relaxing afternoon, the house smelled wonderful and now I have in the freezer:
16 quarts of stock and 9 quarts of cooked meat--just right for chicken salad or casseroles .
It's just like having "money in the bank!"

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Kristen said...

that's awesome! I love the "play by play" pictures. I haven't done this is a long time and you have inspired me!

atomic momma said...

Now that is what I call STOCK!!! We make it all the time over here and I'm planning on making it this week. Isn't it amazing how the homemade chicken stock is this rich brown color!!!

Jemel said...

You ARE Martha!!!!! I'm in awe!

Kristen said...

I almost used the green wall paper too! Looking good girl!

Jemel said...

New Backround?! It's so Nancy!!!! ME LIKE!!!!