Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Flies!

I came across this picture today and it really made me realize how quickly this little girl is growing up! The "passy" is gone (thank goodness! Ewww...that thing had gotten gross--chewed up and slimey!) and sometimes "Rabbie" gets left behind without Anna Jane having a meltdown.
The outfit she has on in the photo has gone into the "LilliBelle Box"--the box where outgrown clothes are put until enough are ready to be packed away. Anna Jane thinks that all of her outgrown toys and clothes go to the little girl down the street who she loves--Lilli Belle---hence the name of the box! I haven't quite wrapped my head around the fact that we probably won't be having another child, so I'm continuing to save. The day will come when I face facts, and then Otis will have soooooooo much room in "his" attic.
Why am I so attached to these little girl artifacts? It absolutely made me cry and nearly curl up into a ball when I cleaned her closet out the last time. I am such a sentimental pup.
Wonder if my mother felt the same way?


Jemel said...

Your sentimental ways are part of what makes me love you! Anna is lucky to have a mom who loves every second of her presence! :)

Kristen said...

You are right Nancy! It really goes so quickly. I hope I always enjoy beingwith my children as much as I do now. I have more "artifacts" than I have room for, but everything has such a memory for me that I can really part with precious little. Your Anna Jane looks so sweet, I don't blame you for snapping her pic!The red hair is just the icing on the little cuties have a bit of strawberry in the blonde and I LOVE IT!

Tom said...

Your mother probably tried to return the items to the store.

FYI...13 days with no update equals a dead blog.