Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Interview

While thinking about Mother's Day, I decided to interview Anna Jane and see what kinds of thoughts she had about her Mom. Here are her verbatim answers:

  1. How old is your Mom? 13

  2. What does your Mom look like? she looks like her Mama

  3. What does your Mom do for fun? she likes to make cakes, cookies and cupcakes. She likes to make things very special.

  4. What do you like best about your Mom? I like her when we go swimming. She's the best, best, Mommy!

  5. What does your Mom do for you? sometimes she lets me plant all by myself

  6. Why does Daddy love your Mom? because she has freckles and she loves, loves, loves.....loves him!

  7. What is your Mom's favorite color? pink

  8. food? broccoli

  9. drink? wine

  10. restaurant? ChicFilA

  11. friend? Miss Amanda

  12. animal? cat

  13. song? "warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur..."

  14. What is something that your Mom says to you? Come on, Ladybug!

  15. What makes Mom happy? ME!

  16. What makes Mom sad? when I get a boo-boo

  17. What makes Mom mad? when I pick my boo-boos

  18. What makes Mom laugh? "Popsicle Head!" (and she makes a crazy face!)

  19. What does Mom do to make you laugh? she makes crazy eyeballs

  20. How tall is Mom? 17 feet tall

  21. What does your Mom do when you are not around? she makes lunch and she washes laundry

  22. If your Mom became famous, what would it be for? she would be in the movies being a ballerina

  23. What is something that your Mom is really good at? eating bananas and playing games

  24. What is your Mom not very good at? eating lots of apples

  25. What does your Mom do for a job? she works all day doing laundry

  26. What do you do that makes your Mom proud? when I go to the bathroom and don't pee in my pants

  27. What makes you proud of your Mom? when she takes me swimming

  28. What is something that you and Mom do together? swim, go on a date to the movies and go to the factory and buy some donuts in Johnston County

  29. How are you and your Mom the same? I like yellow and she likes yellow

  30. How are you different? our hair is different from each other

  31. How do you know your Mom loves you? my heart tells me

  32. Tell me about your Gramma. She is my favorite Gramma and she is very nice and she is very expensive and she lets me buy jingles.

I guess my 3 comments about this are:

what are jingles? (number 32)

where is the donut factory in Johnston County? because I am THERE!

maybe I should have taken her swimming before we played this little game because it was certainly on her mind!

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Mike said...

What a great post, Nancy! Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to do the same thing with Sophie for Cindy!

Nanners said...

cool! I stole the idea from someone too!!

atomic momma said...

"#23: eating bananas and doing laundry"

WOW. So many hidden talents. So little time.

Tom said...

No mention of adult beverage consumption or dodging manual labor.The child must not be paying attention.