Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Princess Pooper Scooper!

Anna Jane thinks it is her duty to alert me when Yoohoo has made some "Bidness" in the litter box. We are getting ready to start toilet training him (stay tuned for gory details and updates) so we have a temporary litter box in the powder room downstairs (what exactly he's powdering, I don't want to know!)

This particular day, Anna Jane-in dress up clothes-decided that she would help.

Note the white jeweled crown/tiara that she has pulled down over her nose and mouth like a respirator!

She's not using the bathroom herself, by the way, she was just sitting on the lid.

She had to protect herself the only way the princesses know how!

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Tom said...

Princesses should not have to deal with poop.

Unless it is a kiddie pool on the back porch.

atomic momma said...

New children's book idea:

The Princess and The Poop.

I'll help you write it. We'll make millions and we can kiss off day jobs once the kids start school.