Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summertime Fun!

Isn't he awesome?
I snapped this picture while we were at the beach for a day trip.
The water was so clear that day. You never know what may be lurking underfoot!
Believe it?
Well then, maybe you'll believe that I suck as
a blogger. I hate that term, but nothing else
sums it up so perfectly!
I guess I've taken the summer off.
The real problem is that I don't know how to transfer
pictures and video from my camera and phone.
I think a blog without support media is boring.
I guess no updates are even more boring...
I've got some GREAT posts drafted ---
perhaps my good friend, Tom, needs to give me a
one on one tutorial since my dear sweet honey, Otis,
has already shown me how to do it twice.
I'm too embarrassed to ask him again...

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atomic momma said...

FINALLY a NEW POST. I was about to abandon it and delete it from my Favorites.

That is a fantastic picture! You need to make a picture ornament from it to add to your Beach Tree!

Missed you at the pool today!

PS: AM I a loyal follower or WHAT?

Mike said...

That is a great picture, Nancy! For the record, I follow you also, and your blog appears in my Google Reader whenever a new post is submitted!

If you have a camera phone, you can setup your blog so that it can receive pictures from your phone and it will automatically post them. However, you need to have a messaging plan on your phone or it will end up costing you about .25 for each message you send.

Jemel said...

And for the record "I suck at working on my blog as's been since April"! And I have no excuse I KNOW how to upload photos...wish you would have asked me when I was down! It could have been a porch tutorial! Love ya and I'm gonna try and get back at it too...just means I'll have to get rid of a lil' FB time! :)

Tom said...

See, I knew that wasn't a picture you took. You can't see what is at your feet.

My Personal Tutoring starts at $50 an hour. Of course in your case we could work out some sort of trade.

My blog is on a short sabbatical whilst I reorganize my office at home. I plan to do a before and after sort of post.