Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pan Tostado

Forgive me for seeming sarcastic, but is toast
really that hard to make?
I could guess that there may be circumstances
that could prohibit you from making toast:
perhaps you are camping
in prison
living under a bridge
Is toast really that difficult??
A toaster is a cheap and efficient piece
of equipement. It does not take too much
electricity to make it operate. I've never had to
read a manual to use an unfamiliar machine.
Even without a toaster, one can make toast
under the broiler of any oven.
Perhaps making brunch for a crowd can be made easier with
this nifty product. But, somehow, I don't think
that it is being marketed to the "brunch crowd".
I guess it is the perfect answer to people who don't have
much time in the mornings....but how would their
butter melt??
I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Bimbo brand.
Quality merchandise--and double fiber, too! (at least
I think that's what it said, there was no English
on the package. Perhaps it said, "made with
the dried testicles of wild boar". MMMMMMM!)
I am always a sucker for a new product. I think I'm
just like my great grandmother in that respect. My Dad told stories
about being the first kid in his neighborhood to
try Campbell's soup. She loved a new product too!

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Our Family said...

WELL??? how was it?

Tom said...

Toasters are what led to the downfall of communist Russia.

Ask me why...

Nanners said...

It was incredibly crunchy---Anna Jane did not really dig it at first, but quickly realized she had this or nothing to dip into the yolk of her sunshine egg (sunny side up!)

It's hard to cut into pieces; it crumbles too easily.

OK, Tom...I'll bite--WHY?