Friday, August 21, 2009

A Mom's Dream Come True!

This picture is when she figured out that I was standing in the hall
taking her picture--gotta love the pose--she can even "work" a vaccuum cleaner!

On Tuesay, I finally had a break-down. I was tired of cleaning
up this room over and over and over again. Anna Jane
was telling me what kinds of toys she wanted to add
to her Christmas list and birthday list (which is our
method of curtailing all of the whining during shopping visits, "Just
put it on your Santa list!") and I just snapped. I told her
that until she could start taking care of all the wonderful
toys that she already has--there would be NO NEW TOYS!
She sulked, she cried...she got busy!
It took her more than 5 hours (because the TV was on
and, well, a girl needs to take her time...) but she cleaned
this disaster area mostly (95%) by herself.
The she asked if she could vaccuum!
I couldn't resist taking pictures of the life event
that I have been waiting for!
She's getting too old, too quickly.
but can she dust?


atomic momma said...

Send her up here! She's hired. IF she can dust.

Tom said...

Slave Driver. 5 hours!

I have to come and rescue her from this drudgery. Should a princess be forced to do housework? I thought that is what the old hag mother was to do....

Nancie said...

Is that a cell phone hooked onto her waist???

It's been too long since I've seen her - I will teach her that you can PAY people to do stuff like that!