Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sea Kayaking with her Daddy!

We are enjoying a fabulous two week vacation
at Atlantic Beach, NC!
It's not exotic or tropical, but we have been
coming to the Crystal Coast every summer since 1992.
It's comfortable knowing exactly where to get the best
pizza, where all the movie theatres are, which restaurants
have two-for-one specials on what night and what time
the dolphins can be spotted every day!

Otis and Anna Jane had a blast in the surf
--it didn't last too long due to rough waves----and one terrible spill!
Anna Jane was a "tough girl" and didn't let it scare her but Daddy
felt like they would be better off bobbing around in their
She will always remember the time that her Daddy
took to be with her. The way that he makes her feel
special and the way she feels safe with him.
Sowing seeds for future relationships with men, huh?
Someone will have big shoes to fill some day---
even though he only wears a 10 1/2.

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