Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I do not fancy myself a cake decorator (although, I do think I'm fancy in
lots of other ways!!). Our good friend, Amanda, celebrated her
25th birthday on October 3 and I surprised her with this
Wonder Woman cake!
The frosting was too warm, so it kind of puddled together in places, but
I think it came out pretty good!
Anna Jane thinks so too!
Amanda and her sister, Mary Hunter, come over almost every Friday night
for low-key, casual dinner; usually pizza or other take-out. Sometimes I cook, sometimes they bring dinner...we kind of decide depending on what kind of week everyone has had.
For Amanda's special birthday dinner, I made a pork roast and
some yummy side dishes--but the cake was the big surprise.
Amanda loved Wonder Woman when she was little (even had her own outfit,
I think she still wears it in private...ssshhhh...). I found this cake pan at a yard sale probably
15 years ago and bought it for a quarter. When I found out that she was a WW fan, I knew that I finally had a use for that pan!
I wish I had some pictures of Amanda and her family. Her Mom and Dad
came over along with her sister for her birthday dinner. We ate like pigs, laughed and talked.
It was a fun evening and the dessert was good, but more importantly,
this is a friendship that I treasure because Amanda is...
wait for it...

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