Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah! Friday!

Woke up this morning to a very excited little girl (and her Daddy) running into our room, jumping up and down, opening the shutters and squealing about SNOW! and that was just Otis... The three of us started singing and dancing, which led to more dancing outside in our slippers! It only lasted for about an hour, but it was so pretty. No accumulation, but I think there is more to come this year! I am so thankful that Otis works from home sometimes. Imagine if he had missed out on this memory.

Starting the closing weekend of the play tonight. Only 3 more to go. I'm always glad when a show is over, but after about a week--I keep feeling like something is missing. This has been a wonderful group of women to work with. No divas, no attitude. Or maybe, I'm the diva and just don't know it! Audiences have been very complimentary, but they always are. I know that I've felt good about it. Having lots of friends and family there on Sunday, so it should be a blast.
I'm off to put on my get-up. Only Otis will be able to help me "break this habit!"

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Jemel said...

Your committment to the theater has always amazed me. They are lucky to have such a talented woman who isn't such a "drama queen". I know O and AJ will enjoying having you back into the normal running....I always did! ;)
Glad you got a taste of SNOW....I keep talking to mother nature about moving ours down your way....she may be starting to listen.