Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life in the Spotlight!

I am currently appearing in a Neuse Little Theatre production of Nunsense II: The Second Coming. We opened to sold out audiences-despite the crazy weather: tornado warnings, etc. What a dedicated audience!

How cool is it to be recognized and drooled over by the adoring public???? OK, so maybe most of the time they are senior citizens and maybe they're not drooling, they just have ill-fitting dentures...the point is that it's nice to be told how wonderful you are! My pseudo-celebrity status is fun for a while--people pointing and whispering to their friends, thinking that they recognize you from the night before--and I'm not talking about what happens after a fraternity party! But seriously, people being genuinely starstruck when they talk to you! Like I said, cool-for a while.

We are between production weeks and I am enjoying the time off. You'd think that I'd be catching up on laundry and other "important" things., play dates (only the kind with kids I like!), nail appointment, lunches/breakfasts with friends, etc. I will have plenty of time to do the Holiday Hustle as soon as this play wraps up. Anna Jane and Otis are glad to see the end in sight. They like having me home and it's nice to be needed/wanted/revered/snuggled with/tormented/and appreciated by the audience at home.

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