Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recovering from our food coma!

Oh my! What a great Thanksgiving. My brother, Chris and his wife, Debbie came from New Bern and joined my Mom and Otis, Anna Jane and me. We were a happy little group of 6, seated around The Gabelmann's dining room table. The dining room furniture looks great, a little small for the room and probably not something that Otis and I would've picked out--but it's my Grandmother's and hey, the price was right! Anyway, you could almost hear the table groan under the weight of all the dishes. Those of you who know me well, are aware of my Post-It Note fetish when I'm entertaining. I stick a "sticky" on every serving dish, utensil and designated spot to help facilitate the presentation at serving time. Anna Jane "helped" my little system along by Post It Note-ing every plate, spoon, fork, knife, salt/pepper shaker, etc. The tablescape was one of purple paper mayhem! I guess she picks up on my craziness. Nevertheless, dinner was served, buttons were loosened and lots of tall tales were told around the fire!
Be sure to ask me about "Red-Eyed Dick" next time you see me!

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