Monday, November 24, 2008

It Figures...

Anna Jane's class had their Great Thanksgiving Feast today. Each parent was asked to bring something specific for the party. The kids did all of the preparation and some cooking. My task was baked apples-skin removed, medium sized pieces. I got up early this morning to prepare my assignment. I carefully peeled, cored and cut up the high dollar, organic apples into the appropriately sized pieces. I followed my directions from the teacher very carefully. I squeezed a little fresh lemon juice onto them to prevent browning. I considered the additions of freshly grated nutmeg or cinnamon or a squeeze of orange or a bit of zest---but, NO--Mrs. Reynolds gave me specific instructions and I wanted to impress her with my obedience. I also thought about allergies that perhaps I was unaware of. Can one be allergic to cinnamon? Probably. The last step was to "nuke" them with a little water to soften. They arrived safely and in perfect condition to the preschool classroom. When I arrived later this morning for the feast, the teacher met me at the doorway and told me that there was a "problem" with the apples. Terror struck my soul---did they find a wayward pubic hair??? were the apples tainted??? was I going to be brought up on child endangerment charges??? does this mean that Anna Jane has no chance in hell to get into a good college now???
Well, while the kids were taking turns mashing the cooked apples into applesauce, one of the boys sneezed right into the bowl!! Anna Jane's considerate teacher removed the typhoid apples from the classroom. She did save them for me. ???
Serves me right for being so persnickety.


Jemel said...

Well at least she didn't tell you this story as you all stood watching them eat applesauce! What a fun day for the kiddos!!

Gina said...

great story! good job on your blog. i just read all your entries!